Irritant diaper dermatitis

Last Updated: 2019-08-26

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IDD, generic diaper rash, Windelsoor diaper dermatitis.

Dermatitis caused by the occlusion effect of diapers.

  • Type I: Infants (up to 35% of babies suffer from diaper dermatitis).
  • Type II: for elderly people in need of care.

  • This is due to the cumulative-irritative factors caused by diaper use.

  • Moisture exposure is engraved by urinary and fecal incontinence, diarrhea, etc. 

  • The wet erosions create a good environment for the settlement of Candida albicans. If intestinal candidiasis exists, the risk of secondary mycological infection increases.

  • Flat, weeping, partly confluent erosions, macerations, partly scaling. Bubbles and pustules may also be visible.   
  • In very rare cases, ulcers (Jaquet ulcers) can develop.

  • Satellite readings are possible. 

  • Bacterial smear (to clarify secondary infections)

  • Myco-smear (to clarify secondary infections)
  • Myco-smear of the oral cavity

  • Myco. examination of the stool (to clarify systemic candidiasis)

Diaper area.

Secondary infections (bacterial and fungal). 

  • If there are no erosions, lipophilic pastes (Pasta zinci) are recommended for skin care. 
  • Alternative: Lipophilic pastes/creams with olive oil

  • Diaper-free (if possible, only for an hour if necessary) or frequent changes (avoidance of too intensive moisture).
  • If diapers are used, they should contain a gel cushion.

  • Cleaning should only be done with clear water paper towels with olive oil. 

  • Alternatively: sitting baths with Tannosynt®-Lsg. or e.g. Töpfer Kleiebad®.

  • Keeping the region dry!

  • Dry-dry!

  • If necessary, thinly apply Multilind® paste several times a day.

  • Miconazole instinct. (Daktarin®sg.)

  • NONE fluorinated glucocorticoids! 

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