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About DermaCompass



Whether in practice or in clinic, dermatology is becoming more mobile. We are constantly accompanied and supported by smartphones and desktop computers. Our goal is to provide an independent academic resource that can seamlessly be used on both platforms.


Learning material can be edited with light pencils and comments at will and are available in this form at any time on desktop as well as smartphone or tablet. DermaCompass is available on iOS, Android and in the web browser.

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The first step in any dermatological consultation is the anamnesis, investigation and development of a differential diagnosis. Already as a clinical beginner, one has typically a first suspected diagnosis and from this then develops a differential diagnosis. Although lists of differential diagnoses can be looked up in reference works, these are for the most part not applicable in the respective situation and therefore usually not of much help. The first advantage of DermaCompass are dynamic suggestions of differential diagnoses. From this, a shortlist is compiled within seconds, which is relevant for the current patient. Even the inexperienced dermatologist can thus take into account a complete differential diagnosis and as a result miss no important disease.

In the second step, the full potential of the application unfolds. The selected differential diagnosis will be investigated and a specific clinical clarification plan will be proposed with laboratory tests, microbiological, mycological and viral evidence, biopsies, genetics and instrumental examinations.

In future releases, we also plan to provide diagnostic-specific guidance to help prevent common mistakes as well as supportive advice – approximately equivalent to the advice of a supervising senior physician.

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DermaCompass is an academic project that is expected to provide an important breakthrough for practicing dermatologists. Only with the help of good clinicians we will be able to achieve this - join and become a part of it!

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PD Dr. med. Florian Anzengruber


Pract. med. Rahel Bianchi


Cand. med. Pavlo Dinter


Dr. med. Laurence Feldmeyer MD PhD


Dr. med Stephanie Huber


PD Dr. med.univ. Ahmed Jalili


Dr. med. Lisa Kostner 


Hanna Lindemann


Dr.med. Carla Murer


Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Alexander Navarini 


Dr.med. Stephan Nobbe


Dr. med Tatjana Steybe


PD Dr. med. Julia-Tatjana Maul


Cand. med. Julian Teuscher



Jose Garcia


Santiago Belloso


Anna Darzina


Vahid Djamei


Adriana Tortosa


Óscar Sánchez

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