Candida balanitis

Last Updated: 2023-07-07

Author(s): Anzengruber F., Navarini A.

ICD11: 1F23.11

Soorbalanitis, balanitis candidamycetica, balanoposthitis candidamycetica.

Fungal infection of the glans penis, as well as the foreskin, triggered by Candida spp.

  • Pathogen: Candida spp. (mostly Candida albicans, C. glabrata also occurs).
  • Infection with Candida occurs, for example, during sexual intercourse - women in particular often have Candida colonisation in the vagina.
  • Predisposition factors
    • Topical therapy with external steroids or antibiotic ointments.
    • Hygiene (lack of or excessive)
    • Phimosis
    • Lichen sclerosus et atrophicans
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Immune suppression

  • Initial pruritus.
  • Erythematous, pruritic, slightly scaly, weeping macules.
  • The erythema then becomes two-dimensional and rich red-moist shiny.
  • Vesicles and erosions may also occur.
  • Similar to thrush stomatitis, there may be the white stipples that form irregular whitish deposits after a period of time.
  • However, with otherwise adequate hygiene, one tends to see a minimal variant, i.e. only redness, but the whitish fungal materials are washed or -cleaned away in each case.

  • Anamnesis (predisposition factors).
  • Clinical.
  • Myco.smear.
  • Stool examination for Candida.

  • Glans penis
  • Foreskin
  • Shaft left out

During the course of the disease, there may be inflammatory swelling of the inner prepuce leaf to the point of inflammatory phimos and stronger purulent secretion as a result of secondary bacterial infection.

Good hygiene.

Frequent recurrences.

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