Keratosis palmoplantaris with mutations in Connexin 26

Last Updated: 2019-08-26

Author(s): Anzengruber F., Navarini A.

ICD11: -

Vohwinkel 1929

Keratosis palmoplantaris mutilans 

Keratosis palmoplantaris mutilans Vohwinkel 

Keratitis - Ichthyosis - Deafness (KID) - Syndrome

Palmoplantar keratosis caused by a mutation of connexin 26.

Autosomal - dominant mutation in gene GJB2 coding for connexin 26.   


  • Hyperkeratosis palmoplantar.
  • Hyperhidrosis.
  • However, ichthyosis, which mainly affects the acres, can progress to erythrodermia.
  • Pseudoainhum (auto amputations of the fingers).


  • Hearing loss.



Genetic examination.

ENT - medical examination.

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