Stasis eczema

Last Updated: 2021-10-18

Author(s): Anzengruber F., Navarini A.

ICD11: EA86.0

Eczematous dermatitis on the lower legs triggered by high hydrostatic pressure due to chronic venous insufficiency.

Especially among older and obese patients.

Chronic venous insufficiency leads to increased blood in the legs. Statis eczema can develope. In patients where this condition is chronic, dermatoliposclerosis can develop. 

Swollen, erythematous, scaling lower legs.

  • Clinical manifestation
  • If necessary biopsy
  • C-reactive protein if occurance is accute and unilateral to exclude cellulitis

Lower legs (mostly bilateral).

If the condition becomes chronic, dermatoliposclerosis can develop.

If adaquate therapy is performed and the underlying chronic venous insufficiency is successfully treated, the condition will resolve.