Last Updated: 2023-07-07

Author(s): Anzengruber F., Navarini A.

ICD11: EJ20.0

  • Solar elastosis
  • Elastosis solaris
  • Elastosis senilis
  • Senile elastosis
  • Actinic elastosis

  • Degeneration of the collagen fibres with consequently increased wrinkle formation and irregular pigmentation.

  • occurs exclusively in lighter skin types.
  • Older people.

  • UVA/ UVB/IR radiation all seem to have a causative effect. There is a release of oxygen radicals (singlet oxygen, superoxide anion/ hydroxyl radical) and indirectly increased synthesis of metalloproteinases, which lead to destruction of structural proteins, disturbances of connective tissue metabolism and destruction of existing collagen.

  • Wrinkling (age wrinkles) and pigmentation (lentigo solaris) occur in the area of UV-exposed areas.


  • Clinic

  • Atrophic epidermis
  • Missing subepidermal elastica
  • Degenerated, basophilic, bulbous connective tissue fibres which stain like elastic material

Light protection.

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