Tuberculosis fungosa serpiginosa

Last Updated: 2019-08-26

Author(s): Anzengruber F., Navarini A.

ICD11: -

Rare cutaneous form of tuberculosis with "fungal" skin lesions. 

  • Very rare skin tuberculosis.
  • Especially in elderly people.

Both by exogenous and endogenous inoculation.

  • Localization 
    • Forearms and back of the hand.
  • Papillomatous, fistulating, perforating growths through which a cloudy or purulent secretion can be emptied.

  • Travel anamnesis
  • Clinic.
  • Tuberculin test negative. 

  • Tuberculin test is negative. 

  • Quantiferon test.

  • Microscopically, however, pathogen detection is possible.

  • Biopsy (both dermatopathological and microbiological examination).

  • Thorax X-ray or CT thorax.

  • Sonography of the abdomen and kidneys.

  • In the morning (fasting up to 4h) on 3 consecutive days sputum must be collected.

  • In the morning, give urine on 3 consecutive days (fluid restriction the evening before!).

  • Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL).

Tuberculoid granulomas with inflammatory infiltrate.

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