Dapsone p.o. 1.5mg/ kg bw daily, if necessary increase every 2 weeks by 25-50mg, up to max. 300 mg daily. + Xyzal p.o. 5 mg 1x daily

Differential blood count, reticulocytes, liver values, kidney values, glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity, Met-Hb, SS test recommended
3d 1x25 mg/d, 3d 2x25 mg/d, 3d 3x25 mg/d, 3d 2x50 mg/d, possibly up to 150 mg/d, combination with Vit. E, approx. 600 - 900 E/d -> less MetHb formation
Weeks to days, depending on the disease
G6PDH-De zienz -> Hemolysis
Sulphone allergy, cardiac insuficiency, pulmonary insuficiency, anemia, Hb < 11 g/dL (relative KI), Hb < 9 g/dL (absolute KI), pregnancy/breastfeeding time
Noxae, vomiting -> dose reduction, exertion dyspnoea -> dose reduction, anemia, methemoglobinemia > 15 % -> dose reduction, possible termination, agranulocytosis -> dose reduction, possible termination, eosinophilia, toxic hepatitis, dapson hypersensitivity syn- drome -> dose reduction, possible termination
Not limited