Mycophenolate mofetil

CellCept®, Mycophenolat® Mofetil Sandoz®, Myfenax®

Blood count, liver values, kidney values, Hep B/ C/ HIV serology


Cellcept: 2x 250 - 500 mg/d initial, 2x 500 - 1500 mg/d maintenance dose; Myfortic: 2x 180 - 360 mg/d initial, 2x 360 - 720 mg/d maintenance dose

2 - 4 months

Creatinine Cl < 25 ml/min, max 2 g CellCept/d resp. 1.44 g Myfortic/d, no live vaccines, annual flu and pneumococcus vaccination recommended, in HIV infection individual risk assessment, antacids and cholestyramine decrease enteral absorption, Probenecid decreases renal excretion

Bone marrow diseases (cytopenia), chronic Hepatitis B (pos. HbsAG); SS and breastfeeding period

Gastrointestinal complaints -> dose reduction or division into 4 - 6 individual doses/d, infections -> interruption, possible termination. Neutropenia < 1.3x103/μl -> Interruption. Thrombopenia < 80 - 100x103/μl -> Interruption, possibly abortion. In case of other side effects consult specialists. Increased risk of lymphoma and other malignancies, especially of the skin.

Not limited