Blood count, liver values, kidney values, lipids, SS test, possibly thyroid values

p.o. with meal

30 mg (faster and better response), for NW: 10 mg

85 days

Hypothyroidism, hyperlipidemia, combination with MTX (increased hepatoxicity), combination with St. John's wort (interaction with hormonal contraceptives), Combination with vitamin A or other Retinoids (hypervitaminosis) if necessary UV protection SPF 15, depression/suicidality if necessary worsening by Alitretinoin. Avoid Tetracyclines due to Pseudotumor cerebri

Pregnancy/breastfeeding (up to 1 month after stop), liver/kidney insufficiency, uncontrolled hyperlipidemia, uncontrolled hypothyroidism, combination with tetracycline (pseudotumor cerebri), hypervitaminosis A

dose-dependent NW -> dose reduction to 10 mg, heads (21 %) -> analgesics, facial flushing, increased lipid levels -> lipid reducers, central hypothyroidism (T4 and TSH decreased), chelilitis/conjunctivitis -> refatting, artificial tears, no contact lenses

12 weeks, with good response possibility to extend to at least 24 weeks, cycle repetition in case of relapse