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DermaCompass® is a web and mobile application created by Prof. Dr. med. Dr. sc. Nat. Alexander Navarini (overall content) and IT specialist Vahid Djamei (management of the engine and database programming). DermaCompass® is collaboratively published by Derma.one GmbH and S. Karger Verlag für Medizin und Naturwissenschaften GmbH (hereinafter “Karger”).

A large team of professionals has developed the content of DermaCompass®: Dr.med.univ. Florian Anzengruber (Diverse content), Pract.med. Rahel Bianchi (Diverse content), PD Dr.med.univ. Ahmed Jalili (Inflammatory skin conditions), PD Dr. med. Laurence Feldmeyer MD PhD (Dermatopathology), Dr.med.univ. Lisa Kostner (Investigations, Drugs), PD Dr. med. Julia-Tatjana Maul (Immunomodulatory system therapies), Dr.med. Carla Murer (Infectious disease), Dr.med. Elisabeth Roider (Aesthetic dermatology), Dr.med. Stephan Nobbe (Diagnostics). Several IT specialists are responsible for the processes: Jose Garcia (Content Management System), Santiago Belloso (Mobile Development), Anna Darzina (Content), Vahid Djamei (Management of the programming of the engine and database), Adriana Tortosa (User Interface Design, Website), Óscar Sánchez (Mobile Development). In addition, the DermaCompass® app is supplemented by publications from Karger.


For more information, please visit https://www.dermacompass.net/en/ by Derma.one GmbH and S. Karger Verlag für Medizin und Naturwissenschaften GmbH. All rights reserved. The reuse or reproduction of any content published in DermaCompass® as well as the mobile app itself or single parts, in electronic or any other format, is allowed with the explicit permission of the copyright owners only. Requests for the reuse of content published in DermaCompass® or the mobile app itself shall be forwarded to info@dermacompass.net.


The use of the material for any other purpose constitutes a violation of the copyright and intellectual property rights owned by the app's owners. By using one of these materials, you assume all the risks of copyright infringement and related liability. This app and its content may not be reproduced or used for any unauthorized purposes without written permission. Note that this mobile and web app may contain copyrighted work under contract with government agencies, foundations, promotion organizations and commercial companies, etc. If the app owners have other restrictions on the material, you must comply with these restrictions, regardless of whether these limitations are described in this document.


Adherence to our treatment recommendations will not ensure successful treatment in every situation. Our opinion for the treatment of dermatologic disease should not be interpreted as setting a standard of care, but reflects our clinical and scientific experience in the pathogenesis and treatment of skin diseases. The ultimate choice of specific therapies must be made by the physician in light of any circumstances presented by the individual patients and possible variations in the course of disease. It is not the intention of dermacompass to repeat treatment recommendations, nor to serve as reference for specific dosages or indications of drugs. Many drugs listed as potentially useful for skin disease might be off-label in many or all countries. Therefore, please always refer to the actual national or international guidelines as well as national drug registries for dosages and indications.

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The publisher can use the job information anonymously for statistical purposes. There is no personal tracking of users of the app. Likewise, no user data will be passed on to third parties.


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